Two Foods For Healthy Skin

Did you know that you could regularly nourish your skin with foods that you just might happen to have in your kitchen somewhere? You can consume or apply these edibles to your skin regularly for happy, healthy skin. Olive Oil: I feel like this is a pretty common item, but if you don’t have any you can pick it up at any grocery store as well as your local “Dollar Tree” store or “99 Cents Only” store. Olive oil is a staple in a healthy diet as it contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory Read more [...]

Top Shelf Dupes: Kerastase

Here’s another top shelf duplicate for you guys! This one is probably my favorite, hands down. The reason why is because this one has saved me the most money and has essentially gotten me the most bang for my buck. I’d always eyed the super pricey shampoos and conditioners at Target and wondered, “what in the heck is so great about those?” until I tried the Kerastase smoothing shampoo and conditioner while staying over at someone’s house one night and I was hooked. Hooked! I Read more [...]

The Knotty Top-Bun

This one is for the long haired ladies out there. This quick and easy top bun is so versatile that you can wear it for any occasion, with any look. That being said, we all know a bun leaves great waves so you’re always going to be getting a two for one combo deal here and in the hairstyling world that’s always a gem. I like to start with clean freshly blow dried hair because I tend to get the best curls after that way. Before blow drying I always like to protect my hair from the heat Read more [...]

LUSH Cosmetics: Flowers & Honey Bath Cocktail

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a bath cocktail, but I’ve had good reason! Long story short, no bathtub!…I moved into a much roomier place, and now I have a nice big tub to take plenty of relaxing bubble baths in, so stay tuned for more to come! For now, let me introduce my “Flowers and Honey” LUSH concoction. This bath cocktail includes the classic combination of a bath bomb, a bubble bar and soap that I used to shower with before the bath, but it also features the massage Read more [...]

DIY Denim Skirt

Alright ladies, I know we’ve all got them somewhere…maybe deep in our closets or under our beds…you either gotta get rid of them or find a way to make use of them…those old jeans that are collecting dust that is! In my case it was a pair of old jeans turned cutoff shorts that I found stuffed in the back of my closet. Go figure. Well I was about to toss them out when I remember this old trick my teacher taught me in my 9th grade sewing class. You take an old pair of jeans (or in my Read more [...]

LUSH Cosmetics: Everyday Hair & Body

This one is for the LUSH fanatics, also known as, my fellow LUSHies out there! I wanted to share one of my favorite daily hair and body regimes I use with three of their delectable products, but first I wanted to share with those of you who aren’t familiar with LUSH Cosmetics why exactly we love them so much. I must admit it was the intoxicatingly alluring scent of the shop that drew me in, but it was the big bold proclamation on their walls that won me over. “Fighting animal testing!” Read more [...]

Two-Toned Crackle Nail Decals

Hello lovelies! Is it just me, or is the weather getting chillier and chillier as of late? Layering clothes is a must in the cold seasons, but layering nail art techniques to add color, depth and dimension to your nails is also a must try this season. This look may seem time consuming and difficult, but it’s not! You can even do your chores or whatever else you need to get done while your nail designs are drying on parchment paper! I’ve included step by step instructions for this technique Read more [...]

How To Give An Amazing Massage

November is here, Thanksgiving is on the way, and cuddle weather is in full swing! Pull your nearest and dearest into bed for some totally necessary cuddle time. Crank the coziness up a few notches by trading tension relieving back massages. Here are some tips on how to give an amazing massage. Have the recipient of the massage take their top off and lay face down. If you’re exchanging a friendly massage with a girlfriend or pal you can opt to keep the tops on, and massage through the fabric Read more [...]

Top Shelf Dupes: MAC Lipglass

I’ve got another high quality “top shelf duplicate” for all my frugal shoppers out there! If you’re a fan of MAC Cosmetics’ line of “Lipglass” lip-glosses then you will absolutely love the “Glossaholic” lip-gloss line by Hard Candy (available exclusively at Wal-Mart). I used to very guiltily purchase these “Lipglass” glosses, but at $15 per tube I was a little devastated when I ran out because that’s a little much to drop on lip gloss when you’re not in the market Read more [...]

Silver Sparkles & Bold Pink Lips

With my hair swept up and out of my face I usually like to add bold colors with the makeup, and today is no different. I'm sporting a braided back top-bun so naturally I started looking at all of my bold eye shadows and lipsticks. After scouring my collections I found this old jar of "Wet & Wild" loose silver glitter...score! All it took was for me to stumble upon that glitter in order to decide that bold fuchsia is what I wanted to wear on my lips and I had just the color. I've only worn Read more [...]

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