Long Bob Haircut

The long bob haircut was easily one of the key hairstyles of 2012, and it has continued to flourish
into 2013 with a number of celebrities chopping off their long locks and obliging to this
popular style.

The long bob has always been a timeless classic. When it comes to long bobs, it’s safe
and versatile and fits the look and style of a lot of women. The long bob can be styled in a
number of different ways, using various styling tools and bobby pins. The bob is a classic
cut which can be changed to suit your individual style by adding layers (soft of choppy),
highlights to accentuate texture and movement, and adding an angled cut around the
face bringing the hairline higher at the nape of the neck. This particular style reflects the
famous ‘Posh Bob’; an asymmetrical bob which took the angled bob to a new level.

The bob is trendy, chic, and edgy at the same time, and is a style which suits almost every
face shape. Thin, oval faces should try the short bob, whilst round, wider faces should
opt for a longer, sleeker bob. If your hair is thick the longer bob is perfect as you can
still maximise your volume and thickness by blowdrying your hair with a round brush or
creating sexy, tousled waves with a styler or salt spray. If you have thin hair, a bob that is
shaped shorter at the back with layers is perfect for creating body and volume with putty’s
and wax’s.

Your bob can be kept sleek and sexy, or equally you can create soft curls with salt sprays
and curling irons. Consider adding a few layers to your bob to create more volume and soft
highlights definitely compliment this style.

The long bob is a sexy, versatile style which can suit any personality….so what are you waiting for!

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