Set Your Makeup With Cornstarch & Four Other Ways To Use It In Your Beauty Routine


Cornstarch is a natural makeup alternative that can be used to reduce shine and set your makeup. It is made by grinding corn flour into a fine powder. Normally used as a thickener when cooking, here are five interesting was to utilize cornstarch in your beauty everyday routine:
Mix about 1/4 of a teaspoon in with some of your foundation to keep it matte and shine free. You can use more or less depending on your skin type and condition.

Use it as a translucent powder to set your makeup. Once your makeup is fully done, dust your face with a little bit of cornstarch to lock in your makeup and keep your skin matte.

Make any shiny lipstick matte by applying your lipstick and then dabbing your lips with cornstarch to create a matte effect and lock in the lipstick to your lips for maximum wearing length.

After applying liquid eyeliner use your fingertip to dab a little bit of cornstarch along your liner line to prevent smudging and smearing. No more black eyeliner lines on your eyelid crease!

Use it as a dry shampoo. In between shampoos your hair can get oily at times. When that happens some people like to use dry shampoos and cornstarch is a nice natural alternative. Simply use your fingers to sprinkle it onto your oily roots. Work into your hair with fingertips then use a towel to brush any excess from yo ur hair.

If you’re a beauty lover like myself, you’re guaranteed to find at least one of those five tips useful, and as a matter of fact if you have any other uses or home remedies that include the use of cornstarch we’d love to hear and share!

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