Flawless Cat Eye

For those who find it hard to get that steady, flowing and flawless cat eye line, dont worry; you’re not alone! Doing it freehand is a difficult skill to master, so perhaps this DIY handy tool will make the cat eye that typically tedious task that much less daunting…

Here’s how to create your own DIY car eyeliner stencil:

Take an old, stiff business card and hold it against your eye to measure the length. Carefully mark out the size of your eye from your inner lids to the place where you would like your liner to stop. Sketch your desired eyeliner shape on the bottom line of the card, creating a flick and bringing it back into your eye like the picture shows…. Make sure to use a pencil in case you make any mistakes. Cut directly on the line and create a smooth line, as well as trimming around the sides of the cards so the shape is suitable for your eye.

Not that difficult, right? Now test out your handy creation using a liner or eye pencil and see the results! If you’re happy with the shape copy the shape and create a second stencil for your other eye, and flip over and repeat on your other eye!

Now you can create that Cat Eye you’ve always desired in a matter of minutes!

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