Peanut Butter Highlights

Everything about this look screams a fantastic hairstyle. The model’s billowing locks are complimented by soft curls, layers and volume, but it’s the colour that really makes this style. These peanut butter highlights are natural, feminine and make this hairstyle even more fabulous.

Peanut butter highlights are easy to achieve, easy to maintain and look noticeable yet at the same time natural. As the colour isn’t too drastic, there shouldn’t be any need to bleach brunette hair to achieve the peanut butter tone, as this should be attainable using a high-lift tint. This colour looks fantastic teamed with darker and lighter, honey highlights for a real multi-tonal look.

Adding highlights adds a great amount of depth, texture and movement to your look.
Highlights accentuate any layers you may have in your hair, and can really bring out any style which you create; as you can see in the photograph, these peanut butter highlights really bring out the curls and waves. To achieve this look curl your hair using curling irons and when finished, brush or comb through the curls to create natural waves and movement. Curl the hair away from your face to achieve a natural, surfer chick look and rock those peanut butter highlights!

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