Carli Bybel’s YouTube Tutorials

Check out Carli Bybel’s Youtube tutorials and blog for the best make-up and hair ideas. She has a channel on youtube which you can subscribe to,, which has so many different make-up looks, application tips, hair styles and hair guides; you’ll be sure to find something which suits you and you can follow!! She’s gorgeous, she’s friendly, and she’s fun! She even has a video of her boyfriend applying her make-up, which just shows she really is an everyday girl.

Applying make-up and styling your hair day in, day out, can often lead you into a styling rut. Shake up your style a little and open yourself to all possibilities and combinations when it comes to your make-up and hair styles, so Carli’s tutorials are fantastic for giving you inspiration. Tutorials like this are far better than styles and make-up tips you find in magazines, as you can follow as she goes and create the look at the same time.

Also, be sure to check out the amazing great prize giveaways on her website. Her blog has ‘The Fashion Bybel’, which showcases her trends and provides an overview of where each item of clothing was purchased and a link to the website…amazing!

Check out her facebook beauty page too!

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