The Right Way to Insert a Bobby Pin

Ever wondered what the right way to insert a bobby pin was? Bobby pins are easy to use, and if used correctly there are so many sleek and sexy styles you can create without the use of any big clips or hair bands. As well as being great for adding texture and volume to your hair, bobby pins are the perfect remedy for fixing any loose flyaways and revamping your look.

Make sure you choose bobby pins close to the colour of your hair. There are a number of different sized bobby pins out there, so if you have slightly thicker hair make sure to choose a longer, thicker bobby pin. The strength of the bobby pin matters a lot, afterall you don’t want to be using weak pins that will fall out and not hold your hair in place; spend an extra penny or two and get some good quality pins. Make sure you choose a set that fits your needs and suits your hair, so that you can easily create the look you wish.

You will need:

1. Bobby pins
2. A brush or comb
3. Hair ties, hair spray or any other styling products to create your desired look
4. A small mirror

Step 1.
Choose a set of bobby pins that match your hair. Keep your comb and hairspray at the ready.

Step 2.
Begin to style your hair into the position you want it to stay. Hold it in place whilst you pick up your bobby pin.

Step 3.
Hold the bobby pin between your thumb and forefinger, and open it slightly with your middle finger. Its also easy to open it with your mouth, as it can be tricky opening it with one finger, but be careful whilst doing this.

Step 4.
Push the bobby pin into your hair where you need it to stay in place. If you are creating volume and keeping your hair held up, make sure to insert the bobby pin underneath the hair and slide upwards – you want that the bobby pin cradles your hair and prevents it from slipping down. If you’re only holding one section of hair in place, one of two bobby pins may suffice dependent on the length and thickness of your hair. If you’re holding a larger section in place, make sure not to let go and keep your hair in the style you wish to create.

Step 5.
Continue inserting bobby pins making sure they are securely woven into your hair. A good tip is to cross over two inserted bobby pins, so that they create an ‘X’ shape (insert one pin to one side, then insert the second pin to the other side crossing it over the original pin). This is particularly handy when wanting to secure a section, as the bobby pins are secured to each other so they give a much stronger hold.

Step 6.
Gently begin to release your hair when you feel it is secured. Use a small mirror in front of a larger mirror to look at the back and sides of your hair to check that the bobby pins are hidden, and that there are no sections that you haven’t secured. Check around your hair that the pins are in securely, and to finish hair spray your hair and the bobby pins to keep the style in place.

Et voilà, you now know how to correctly insert a bobby pin. So what are you waiting for; there are tons of styles you can try! Good luck!

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