LUSH Cosmetics Bath Cocktail: Queenie On The Rise

A lot of times when we want to take a bath we already have certain products and scents in mind that we’d like to use.  Right?  At least I do.  Usually.  But sometimes all I know is that I wanna soak in the tub and come out dripping in gold, and smelling like a queen.  This was exactly the case when I was inspired to create a queenly combination that I now like to call my “Queenie On The Rise” bath (which happened to be the very first bath cocktail that I’d ever put together).  I was inspired to create a bath fit for a queen, but when I think of queens I’m constantly reminded of “Queenie” Claire from “The Breakfast Club” movie.  When it became time to think of something to call this cocktail “Queenie On The Rise” seemed fairly appropriate…After all, this bath is fit for a queen and even though Claire wasn’t really a royal, she was sure spoiled like one.

queenie bath image 1

While staring down into my box of bath goodies, I spotted half of a “Think Pink” bath-bomb that I had left over and decided to go from there.

queenie bath image 2


  • 1/2 of a LUSH Cosmetics “Think Pink” bath-bomb
  • 1/2 of a LUSH Cosmetics “Phoenix Rising” bath-bomb
  • 1/2 of a LUSH Cosmetics “Sunnyside” bubble bar
  • *Optional: run a small amount of “Snow Fairy” shower gel under the faucet for extra scent and bubbles

I wanted to come out of the bath smelling like a queen, and in a gracious nod to every queen’s past as a princess, I chose the “Think Pink” bomb as a good starting point.  “Think Pink” smells of sweet, demure, sophistication (probably thanks to the neroli, vanilla, and tonka bean essential oils).  After rummaging around my goodies box a little more I happened across the warm and fruity smelling “Phoenix Rising” bomb and thought every queen has her ups and downs, and surely every queen rises proudly from the ashes just as the fabled phoenix did, so that one was a given.  Lastly and quite honestly, purely for the glitter, I chose to add in some regal, golden shimmers by using some of the citrus scented “Sunnyside” bubble bar which is packed with glittery gold lustre.


To serve up this (bath) cocktail, first do a little preparation.  To get the most bubbles out of half of a bubble bar the trick is to break the bar up into a fine, almost powdery consistency.  I like to break it up with my fingers over a small bowl before chopping up any extra chunks with a fork.

Once you’ve got your bubble bar broken down into a powder set it aside and run your bath water.  As soon as you get the water running and have plugged the drain, carefully pour the bubble bar powder into the palm of your hand and set the bowl aside.  Then slowly, and thoroughly rub your hands together under the faucet, dissolving the bubble bar directly under the water stream.  Note that the sooner you put your bubble bar powder under the stream of the faucet, the more bubbles you’ll get.  You get more bubbles if you put the bubble bar in sooner, rather than later because the water pressure from the faucet is what creates the bubbles in a bath.  So that’s why I like to add the bubbles as soon as I turn the water on to start filling up the tub.

After the bubble bar is in and bubbling toss in both halves of the bath-bombs and then for an extra sweet scent, pour a little bit of “Snow Fairy” shower gel into the stream of the faucet.

Serving suggestion:

Stick an arm in and give the bathwater a good stirring, clear a path through the mini castle made of bubbles, and take your rightful place sitting in the exalted throne that is your bathtub.  Oh yes, and enjoy!  Never be too busy-minded or preoccupied to enjoy.  Indulge yourself a little, every queen deserves it.