1. Dee

    Thank you for this post on Brown sugar/coffee/ olive oil scrub! been using for about 4 days now and wow, skin so soft and feels so smooth to the touch. And if it reduces the appearance of cellulite, BONUS!!! I love the way my skin looks allover! Keep up the articles. I love to read your stuff!!

  2. taneka

    Tried this for the first time this morning. This stuff smells so yummy and my skin feels so AMAZING that I won’t care if it doesn’t firm anything!

  3. Lisa

    This is amazing. I have been using this for 5 days and from day one, my skin has started improving. My skin was dry and dull and just looking “blah,” in general. I am also using this on my hands and arms, as the skin there pretty dry and old looking. I may start using this on my legs next!

  4. Araceli


    I am so glad I found this article and cannot wait to start using it! I just had a question about the coffee. Does it have to be fresh, un-brewed coffee, or can I use coffee grounds that I have used already? Does it make a difference?

    Thanks in advance!

    • thebeautythesis

      I’m so glad you are looking forward to using this scrub! I’d think you could use either fresh or used grounds for this scrub, but keep in mind that fresh will have more caffeine than used grounds and therefore would most likely be more effective at melting the cellulite. I’ve used used ground to exfoliate my legs for years before using this scrub and it’s always made my legs smooth and shiny- so there’s always a use for your used grounds!

  5. Karen


    I’ve been using used coffee grounds for awhile now as a scrub, the residual oils in the bean are great. Just wondering why the addition of the sugar, given the grounds give quite a good exfoliation.



    • thebeautythesis

      You bring up an excellent point Karen! As far as I know, sugar has no other skin properties other than exfoliation so if you feel the grounds do enough exfoliation on their own the scrub will probably work just as well! I’d just adjust the amount of olive oil you put in your formula to keep it from getting too goopey!

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