Back to the basics: No heat waves and curls

Summer is here and the weather is finally heating up, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to!  Today we’re taking it back to the basics with a “no heat hairstyling technique” for voluminous waves and bouncy curls.  Women have been cold-styling their hair for ages, and it’s just the few recent decades that we’ve started growing more and more attracted to the evolving, but rather gimmicky, tools and products of the hairstyling world.  Technological advances in the beauty industry is for the most part good, but it makes it easier to forget the goodness of the basics that were in fact the actual inspiration of these beauty tools.  Anyway, remember those pink foam rollers that have an uncanny resemblance to Miss Piggy’s nose?  Yeah those!  That’s all you need for waves or curls of all diameters, and it doesn’t take that long!  You may remember sleeping in them, but that’s only one option…

The image above shows the results after I’d lightly  misted my hair with “Sea Spray” by LUSH Cosmetics, loosely rolled my strands from mid-shaft down in sections about an inch to an inch and a half in thickness using my old-school pink foam rollers, applied another light misting of “Sea Spray” to set the curls, and then I let it air dry for 30 minutes while I washed my face and applied my makeup (I used a cotton headband to pull my hair away from my face while I worked).  Once I was done applying my makeup I felt the rollers, gently squeezing with my fingers to see how dry or moist they were (you want them to be bone dry, do not remove rollers until hair is fully dry) and once they felt completely dry I removed the rollers and gently separated the curls with my fingers.  As always, I finished the look with a light misting of hairspray.

*Note: you can use any rollers you have that do not need heat, but I wouldn’t recommend velcro rollers to those of you with hair longer than 8-10 inches as it can easily tangle, so avoid that nightmare by sticking to the various foam rollers available on the shelves of Target & WalMart.  Change up the look of your curls by adjusting how loosely or tightly you roll them, and mix it up even more by rolling loose and tight curls at the same time.  Mixing it up evenly, by rolling some strands loose and some strands tight will add depth to your style by having different diameter curls.

Get creative, have fun when styling your hair, but also love your hair by utilizing old-school ways to style without heat!  Your tresses will thank you in the end with shine and smoothness to the look and touch.

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