Worth The Splurge! – LUSH Cosmetics “Fresh Face Masks”

If you love freshness, and if you love face masks then this one is for you! I know my fellow LUSHies will appreciate this one as well because today I’m featuring the LUSH Cosmetics “Fresh Face Masks” as my “Worth The Splurge” product. I mean it’s not even a guilty splurge because they only cost $7 and are actually one of the more affordable products at LUSH. Why I love LUSH “Fresh Face Masks” is because they’re exactly that – fresh! They’re made from the finest and freshest Read more [...]

Beauty Club: Getting Rid of Blackheads

Children, teenagers and adults can suffer with those annoying little blackheads which is a from of acne. Women can cover them up (depending upon their size and location) by applying makeup such as a foundation on their skin. Men typically do not wear makeup, so their blackheads may be more noticeable. If you have blackheads, then you know how these can truly ruin your self-esteem! What Causes Blackheads? Blackheads are basically a small hole in a person’s skin that is filled with black debris. Read more [...]

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